When Australian sportsbook PointsBet got its first U.S. license to operate in January 2019, it was almost unknown to American bettors. That’s all changed. A combination of brash marketing, plus high-profile partnerships with leading athletes and major leagues, makes PointsBet one of the most interesting sportsbooks out there. Additionally, the platform offers a unique form of spread betting. This exciting USP really makes it stand out from the crowd.

Gamblers in Oklahoma have yet to enjoy the PointsBet experience. However, we are sure that when OK moves to permit sports wagering, this platform will be quick to go online here. In the meantime, let’s take a look at how PointsBet Sportsbook Oklahoma might look.

Is PointsBet sportsbook legal in Oklahoma?

No, PointsBet sportsbook is not currently legal in Oklahoma. The state does not have any provision for legal sports betting, or for legal online wagering. Since PointsBet only operates in licensed, regulated markets, it cannot set up a sportsbook for OK at present.

In addition, it is not clear if and when Oklahoma will allow sports betting. The state has an extensive gambling industry, with 137 tribal casinos which generate the second-highest amount of gambling tax revenue in the USA. On the face of it, approving sports betting should be a slam dunk. However, the tribal operators are concerned that sportsbooks would open the door for online gambling in the state. That, in turn, would challenge the casinos’ effective monopoly on gambling in Oklahoma — something they are unwilling to jeopardize.

Potential sports bettors in the state have limited options. Daily Fantasy Sports games are available. However, these do not offer a full sports betting experience. Alternatively, players can look to offshore gambling platforms. This is a potentially risky choice. There are no regulations for offshore services in Oklahoma. Moreover, there have been past cases of individuals facing prosecution for placing online wagers. This is why we do not advise gamblers in Oklahoma to sign up with offshore gambling providers.

How to register with PointsBet sportsbook in OK

Setting up a new account at PointsBet is a quick, no-fuss process. Follow the steps outlined below, and you’ll be placing your first wagers in no time.

  1. Visit the PointsBet website or download the app – As soon as Oklahoma grants a license to PointsBet, you will find the sportsbook at ok.pointsbet.com. If you prefer to gamble on your phone, you can find PointsBet OK betting app for iOS and Android in the App Store and Google Play respectively.
  2. Click “join now” to get started – You’ll find the relevant button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Enter your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address – After clicking that button, new customers will be asked to submit their details. In addition to your name, DoB, and contacts, you will also need to give the last four digits of your SSN. PointsBet uses this to confirm your identity and protect players against fraud.
  4. Choose the deposit method that is most convenient for you – Like most leading sportsbooks in Oklahoma, PointsBet offers a choice of payment methods for its customers. Players can use bank cards, PayPal, and online banking among other means of funding accounts.
  5. Your deposit needs to be confirmed – Players can check their account balance on the screen to check that the funds are in place. Alternatively, you can refer to your payment system to confirm that the transaction is complete.
  6. Start betting – Once you have funds in your account — and hopefully a welcome bonus to go with them — it’s time to place your first wager. The system is very intuitive. Just click on the odds that you like, type in your stake on the bet slip, and click ‘Confirm’. That’s it, you’re all set.

Pros and cons of PointsBet sportsbook Oklahoma

With so many sportsbooks to choose from, it is not always easy to pick out the best. To help, here are some of the pluses and minuses of PointsBet’s offer.


  • Offers a unique form of spread betting. Points Betting is very much the USP for PointsBet. Modeled on financial trading, it invites players to buy or sell positions based on what they think will happen in a game. Like financial trading, it offers big rewards but comes with significant risks. How does it work? Let’s take a market on an NBA game involving the Thunder, with the total points in the game priced at 233-237. If you think there will be more points, you can buy points. Let’s say we’ll stake $10 per point. You stand to win $10 for every extra point the teams score above 237. However, if the total score is less than 233 points, you will lose $10 for every point below the spread.
  • Live streaming is available. PointsBet has a big live betting section. Anyone betting on live action relies on up-to-date info about the game. PointsBet offers live streams of a wide range of events, so you can watch the game while you follow the progress of your bets. Check out the ‘Streaming’ option on the left-hand menu for a list of all live streams currently active.
  • A lot of traditional wager options. Although Points Betting is the site’s USP, PointsBet does not miss out on any of the standard bets. Players will find markets on up to 20 sports, and big games will have more than 100 different bets available. PointsBet claims to have more NFL and NBA markets than any rival bookmaker, including a raft of props and specials unavailable at any competitor.


  • Can lose more than the original wager. The big danger of Points Betting is the risk of a big loss. In our above example, the stake is $10. However, if the total points in the game are as low as 220, a player would lose $130 ($10 stake multiplied by 13 points short of the spread). Therefore, players must be careful not to risk more money than they can afford to lose.

Which states are PointsBet legal in?

The USA’s Supreme Court dropped its federal ban on sports betting in 2018. Since then, individual states enjoy the right to make their own legislation about gambling at sporting events. When new states open the door for online sportsbooks, PointsBet has been quick to acquire licenses and go online with its offering. Players can gamble with PointsBet in the states listed below. In addition, there is an active license application in Ohio which is set to be decided in 2023.

  • Colorado. PointsBet’s Colorado website went live in November 2020. The company’s in-state partner is Double Eagle Hotel & Casino.
  • Illinois. Online in Illinois since September 2020, PointsBet works in partnership with Hawthorne Race Course.
  • Indiana. After entering a partnership with Hollywood Casino, PointsBet’s Indiana sportsbook went live in March 2020.
  • Iowa. This was one of PointsBet’s first U.S. operations, going online in November 2019 in partnership with Catfish Bend.
  • New Jersey. NJ was among the first states to legalize sports betting, and PointsBet was ready to enter the market in January 2019.
  • New York. The Big Apple is a big prize for any gambling platform. PointsBet made its debut here in January 2022.
  • Pennsylvania. One month after launching in NY, PointsBet started life in Pennsylvania in February 2022.
  • Virginia. PointsBet has operated in Virginia since December 2021.
  • West Virginia. August 2021 saw PointsBet open its online sportsbook in West Virginia.
  • Louisiana. In one of the states that most recently embraced online sportsbooks, PointsBet started its Louisiana operation in September 2022.
  • Kansas. PointsBet moved into Kansas in September 2022.
  • Michigan. As a partner of Northern Waters Casino, PointsBet’s Michigan sportsbook went live in January 2021.
  • Maryland. The newest addition to the PointsBet stable, the Maryland sportsbook opened in November 2022.

PointsBet sportsbook OK promos you may be able to get

One of the reasons PointsBet has enjoyed so much success since entering the American market is its generous range of promos and bonuses. In addition to a good welcome offer for new players, there are also some consistent rewards and bonuses for loyal players. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

  • Live free bets. Most bettors are familiar with free bets as a means of boosting stakes at no additional risk. PointsBet frequently offers in-play free bets, intended for use on live markets. They work in the same way as a regular free bet, but can only be used once the game starts. Check out the ‘In Play’ option from the menu on the left-hand side to see which live events are available for betting.
  • Early Payouts. We’ve all been there. You back your team, it gets the upper hand and then, in closing minutes, an unexpected fightback from the opposing team looks like threatening your bet. PointsBet offers a solution. The ‘Cash Out’ option means you can close your wager early and lock in some of your winnings. This way, you’re insured against any late shocks. However,m the odds of your bet will be reduced when you cash out early.
  • Crowd odds booster. The more popular a wager is, the bigger the boost PointsBet will give to bettors. This only applies to selected markets, typically spreads. For example, PointsBet might offer a spread of +8 on the Oklahoma City Thunder to win. If 100 people take the wager, it might go to +13. Another 100 bets increase the spread further in the players’ favor.
  • Name your bet. Whatever you think will happen, PointsBet will try to offer a bet on it. Players can request odds on any combination of props, under / over, and spread markets by clicking on ‘Name a Bet – Request Now’ from the left-hand menu. Moreover, you can ask about any sport that is covered by PointsBet’s markets and the traders will assess your proposal and offer odds. However, all requests need to be submitted at least two hours before the action starts in order for your price to be available before game time.
  • No juice NFL lines. ‘Juice’ refers to the commission that bookmakers take from the market. That is why a spread that aims to give an equal chance to both teams offers prices at a shade under even money for both teams: whatever the result of the game, the bookmaker will hoover up a small percentage of all the money staked. A ‘no juice’ line wipes out that commission on selected wagers each weekend. It applies to NFL spread bets and maximizes the wins for bettors. Moreover, players can usually combine no juice lines with other promotions, paving the way for bigger potential wins or access to further bonuses.


Can you bet on PointsBet in Oklahoma?

No. PointsBet does not offer sportsbook services in Oklahoma at present. This is because the state has yet to introduce a legal framework to license and regulate sports betting or online gambling.

How can I reach PointsBet OK customer support?

The easiest way to get help with PointsBet is to use the live chat option. You'll need to give your username and account number, but you can expect a quick and helpful response from the staff. Additionally, you can reach customer support by emailing service@pointsbet.com.

How old do I need to be to place a bet at PointsBet Oklahoma?

The legal age for gambling in Oklahoma is 18. Some casinos in the state have a minimum age of 21 to enable them to serve alcohol. It seems reasonable to assume that if and when OK gives the green light to sports betting and online wagering, the age limit will be set at 18.

Is it safe to play at PointsBet in Oklahoma?

Yes. PointsBet is a secure, responsible OK online gambling site. It only operates in regulated, licensed markets and takes its responsibilities to the relevant authorities seriously. Since sports betting became available in the USA, PointsBet has operated successfully in 13 states and is always looking to add more locations to its roster.