Online sports betting is a lot of fun. And it can be made even more so if you claim a bonus when joining a new sportsbook. With sportsbooks popping up in OK, it’s time to get to grips with the different bonuses available to you.

One of the best ways to get started is with a welcome bonus. These lucrative offers are found in every single online sportsbook. So, what makes one better than another? Learn this and more as we take a look at the sign up bonus in Oklahoma.

What is a sign-up bonus on Oklahoma sportsbooks?

A sign up bonus at Oklahoma sportsbooks is an offer given to players who do not already have an account at that sportsbook. This bonus is typically quite large and designed to give you an instant leg up when it comes to playing online. In an effort to stand out from other sites, sportsbooks will try to make their sign up bonus more appealing than that of their competitors.

The actual makeup of a sign up bonus in Oklahoma will depend on the sportsbook. It can be one type of bonus only or a mixture of two or more. Whatever the bonus though, the only way you can claim this offer is if you do not have an account with the sportsbook. If you have an account already and try to make a new one with the same site, this will not count as new. Doing this means you run the risk of having both accounts closed by the Oklahoma sportsbook.

What Oklahomans can do to get a sign up bonus

For those of you just starting out, we’re going to make it very easy for you. To claim a sign up bonus in Oklahoma, simply follow this guide:

  1. Find a betting site in Oklahoma from our list – Our list of top betting sites in Oklahoma only includes the very best sites. This means that the sportsbook must have an OK license to even be considered for this list. Once that has been checked, we then take a look at the site overall in terms of what it offers. This means that we look at sports, tournaments, odds, betting markets, and more. And, of course, we also look at the sign up bonus, how big it is and whether the conditions accompanying it are transparent and fair.
  2. Become a member of the OK sportsbook by creating an account – After looking at our list of top OK sportsbooks, choose the one with the sign up bonus that appeals to you the most. Using either your phone or laptop, go to the main page of the sportsbook and click on the signup button. Fill out the registration form providing all necessary personal details. Then, confirm your account and move on to claiming the bonus.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions to claim your sign-up bonus – Make sure you read the conditions carefully. Finally, claim your bonus and follow any other requirements necessary for the bonus to be added to your account. This may mean making a qualifying deposit or simply inputting a promo code.
  4. Place a bet – With the bonus added to your account, you can take a look at all the betting options out there.

How does a sign up bonus work on betting sites in OK?

You get additional funds to play with when using a sign up bonus from betting sites in OK. The specifics of how a sign up bonus in Oklahoma works depends on the individual sportsbook. Essentially though, the sign up bonus is there to give your first experience of the sportsbook a massive boost.

However, once the sign up bonus is added to your account, and you have used it, you will need to meet any terms and conditions attached to it. One of the main conditions is the wagering requirements. This means that there is a specific number of times the winnings from the sign up bonus have to be played through in order to receive the winnings. Typically, sportsbook rollover requirements are low, often around 2x, but sometimes they can be as high as 40x. Needless to say, the lower the requirement, the easier it is to meet.

Another common condition is the time frame you have to use it. Depending on the sportsbook, you may only have a couple of days, or you may have a few weeks. Checking this is imperative if you don’t want to lose the bonus completely.

Other requirements include minimum and maximum deposits for the bonus as well as minimum odds, winning caps, and so on. With so much going on in the fine print, it is essential that you check what exactly the bonus requirements are.

Common types of bonuses you can get on Oklahoma betting sites

As mentioned, when it comes to the sign up bonus in Oklahoma, there can be a range of different bonus types as part of it. Here are some of the more common bonuses associated with a sign up offer.

  • Risk-free bets: Commonly attached to a welcome offer, risk-free bets are a good way to check out the sportsbook without spending too much of your own funds. You have to make an initial deposit and then place a bet. If this bet wins, then you can claim that win. However, should the bet lose, the sportsbook will give you a refund of the stake. You can then place a second bet with these funds. Usually, the sportsbook will provide the refund as a free bet or as a bonus credit. It won’t be awarded as withdrawable cash.
  • Free bets: Not to be confused with risk-free bets, free bets are actually more risk-free! That’s right, with a free bet, you don’t have to make a deposit or bet with your own funds at all. Instead, a small bet is awarded to you once you sign up. However, there are more limitations to this type of bet as you will often be restricted, only able to play the bet on one sport or event. On top of that, you don’t have a choice regarding the bet size. Whatever size the free bet is, that’s what you have to play with.
  • Deposit match bonus: A very lucrative welcome bonus option, when you make a deposit, the sportsbook will simply match it. Typically, this will be 100% for a welcome offer. Make sure that you check the minimum and maximum deposit limits as you will need to be within these ranges for your deposit to qualify and the bonus to be awarded. And, some sports offer higher maximum deposit limits than others (it can range from $200 to $1000). As such, it’s an excellent way to double your bankroll and play with more without spending your own funds.
  • No deposit bonus: Hugely popular with players, this type of bonus is a lot less common than others. This is because the sportsbook has to give away cash for free. when you sign up for a betting site with a no deposit bonus, you will simply get sportsbook credit to use as you wish on the site. You will have to place a bet with it though, it cannot b withdrawn right away. However, once you do win, you can withdraw the funds making 100% profit. Of course, there will be wagering requirements and other terms and conditions in place and these must be met before the withdrawal can be finalized.


Are sign up bonuses worth it at OK betting sites?

Yes, sign up bonuses are worth it at OK online gambling sites. This is because a sign up bonus in Oklahoma is usually one of the larger, more lucrative bonuses awarded to players. It can also be made up of a number of different bet bonus types making it an interesting proposition for any player.

Can you get several sign up bonuses at the same sportsbook in Oklahoma?

No, you cannot get several sign up bonuses at the same sportsbook in Oklahoma. To get a sign up bonus in Oklahoma, you must be new to that site and can therefore only claim these bonuses once. However, there's nothing stopping you from signing up for each individual sportsbook and claiming each sign up bonus offered.

Who can get a sign up bonus at a betting site in Oklahoma?

Anyone over the age of 21 can get a sign up bonus at a betting site in Oklahoma. This is the legal betting age so anyone under this will not be able to open an account. You also must be a new player at the sportsbook and cannot already have an account with them if you want a sign up offer.