A great way to boost your online sports betting and gain experience is by using bonuses. With more and more sportsbooks popping up in OK, each one is competing with the others to stand out from the crowd. And one such way to do this is by offering bonuses.

Not just any bonuses mind you. Risk-free bets in Oklahoma are an excellent option for players checking out new sportsbooks. So, we’re going to take a quick look at how they work, and where you can get them.

How do risk-free bets in Oklahoma work?

Risk-free bets in Oklahoma are bonuses that give you a second chance. Initially, you will have to use your own money in order to claim the offer, so they’re not completely risk-free. Once you have placed your bet, you then simply wait to see if it wins. If it does, you can claim your winnings and that’s that. But, if it loses, the OK sportsbook will refund the stake you placed on that first bet. In this way, you get your money back and can use it to place a second bet. This means that you get a second chance to succeed. Sadly, unless otherwise specified, if this second bet loses, then that’s it, there are no more refunds.

Depending on the sportsbook, the size of the risk-free bet will differ. Most will have a maximum bet size in place, so you can’t simply place an enormous bet. The sportsbook will only refund bets up to a certain value. Additionally, if your first bet does lose, and you are awarded that risk-free bet refund, you won’t be given this money in cash. This means that you can’t just claim your refund, withdraw it and leave. Instead, the sportsbook will either give this to you as credit or a free bet. Essentially, you have to place a second bet with these funds.

How to get free-bets at Oklahoma sportsbooks

Now that you know all about risk-free bets in Oklahoma, let’s take a look at how you can get your hands on them. It’s easy, follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a look at our list of risk-free bets. Our list of top risk-free bets in Oklahoma has been carefully curated to only offer you the very best. Each site is checked to make sure it is licensed and legal in OK. Additionally, we look at all the features it provides and makes sure that the terms and conditions attached to the risk-free bet bonus are fair and clear.
  2. Visit the sportsbook’s website or download the betting app. After you have chosen the Oklahoma betting site you want to join, use your mobile or desktop device to access the main page. Click on the sign up or register button.
  3. Create an account. Fill out all the personal details required in the form. This will include your name, email, address, SSN, DOB, and more. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions and activated your account, head to the banking section. Make a qualifying deposit using your preferred payment method.
  4. Play with your risk-free bet. Once your deposit has been processed (in most cases this will be instant), you can then take a look at the sports and bets on offer to place this first bet.

Sportsbooks in Oklahoma that may offer risk-free bets

As sports betting moves online, OK is likely to get an influx of top sportsbooks for you to play at. You can check out some of the top options that might offer risk-free bets in Oklahoma right here.

  • FanDuel Oklahoma: Originally a daily fantasy site, FanDuel has since branched out to offer a full online sportsbook as well. On their site you will find a ton of different sports, tournaments, events, betting markets, odds, and more. All of this is set in a navigable layout. And, there’s even a mobile app for you to download so that you can bet on the go. The bonuses available here change regularly, so it’s worth signing up for their email to keep on top of what’s available.
  • PointsBet Oklahoma: This popular Australian betting site has a growing market in the US. The site has a wealth of sports on offer, with events and leagues from around the world. It has a number of different betting opportunities but focuses on the unique points betting option, as well as having a Name Your Bet feature where you can request odds for unique bets. It’s also common to find an array of different bonuses for both new and old players.
  • DraftKings Oklahoma: Just like FanDuel, this bookie used to only offer fantasy sports. Now you can also access their stellar online sportsbook too. DraftKings is home to more than 25 different sports with each sport containing international and domestic leagues. You can place an array of different bets and even partake in live sports betting where you bet on the game as the action unfolds. Just like the other sportsbooks, you can find a range of different promotions.
  • BetMGM Oklahoma: One of the big names in the US betting world, BetMGM isn’t just a land-based betting venue, but also an online one. The site has tons of sports options available including football, basketball, soccer, rugby, baseball, F1, and so on. There’s a great app you can use if you want to bet on the go too. And, you can access bonuses and promotions via the app as well as the desktop site.

Different types of risk-free bets in Oklahoma

When it comes to risk-free bets in Oklahoma, there are some slightly different options out there. So that you know what to expect, here are some of the best options:

  • No deposit risk-free bet: In very rare instances, you may find that you don’t have to make a deposit at all to claim a risk-free bet. This means that you either simply use funds already in your account to place the bet, or this is actually a free bet rather than a risk-free one. So, what’s the difference? Well, with a free bet you don’t use any of your own money at all. Instead, the sportsbook simply gives you a bet for a specific value that you can use on a specific sport or event. It’s generally pretty small though, so the payout won’t be as big as a deposit risk-free bet.
  • Sign up bonus risk-free bet: Probably the most common, a sign up bonus risk-free bet is one you get when you are new to the site. It’s quite often one of the more lucrative offers as the initial bet can be quite large. Often you will be able to place an initial risk-free bet of up to $500 or so. This means that if it loses, the sportsbook will refund you this amount so that you can use it for a second bet. Depending on the sportsbook, this refund will be in the form of sportsbook credit, or as a free bet. If it’s the former, you may be able to make multiple smaller bets with this refund rather than sticking with one single large bet. However, you will need to carefully check the terms and conditions to make sure this is the case.
  • Matched deposit risk-free bet: This is another type of risk-free bet that can really pay dividends. For this, you will need to make a qualifying deposit. Then, once that deposit has gone through, the sportsbook will give you free bets matching the size of the deposit you made. Depending on the OK betting app or betting site, the match may be 100% or less. Additionally, there will be a maximum deposit amount that will be matched as well. Essentially, you get to double your bankroll right out of the gate.


Do all sportsbooks in Oklahoma offer risk-free bets?

No, not all sportsbooks in Oklahoma offer risk-free bets. This is because each sportsbook will have different bonuses and offers in place. That being said, risk-free bets in Oklahoma are quite popular, and sportsbooks are very competitive, so it's likely that many of them will have this type of bonus.

What is the catch with risk-free bets at OK betting sites?

The catch with risk-free bets at OK betting sites is the fact that they aren't actually risk-free. This is because you have to deposit and bet your own money first before the bonus kicks in. And, if your first bet wins outright, you don't get anything extra.

Should I always claim risk-free bets at OK sports betting sites?

Yes, you should always claim risk-free bets at OK sports betting sites. This is because this type of bet does give you a little leeway when it comes to playing online. Essentially, there's wiggle room as you get a second bet if the first one loses.